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Season Mid Point

By catalist
4/30/2015 7:16 am
Scores seemed to open up a bit in week 8, What have you guys noticed?

I really like this game! Starting to get a feel for the offensive and defensive schemes and play book.

Re: Season Mid Point

By longhorns5862
4/30/2015 8:36 am
I'm enjoying it a lot. Not enjoying my 5 game losing streak though :(

Re: Season Mid Point

By Damean
5/01/2015 10:57 am
I'm excited to see how playoffs turn out

Re: Season Mid Point

By SunBlaze22
5/01/2015 4:58 pm
I like it, feels like the real actual nfl. I'm not liking the injuries though.

Re: Season Mid Point

By longhorns5862
5/02/2015 9:14 am
Well, the injuries are very realistic. It's been rough for me in that department though too.