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By SunBlaze22
6/01/2015 8:42 am
This is my first offseason on this game, and I'm a little confused on how it works. The main thing is, in the transactions tab, I see stuff like: Justin Bovee signed contract with Kansas City. He was on KC last year, so I'm thinking maybe his contract was up and the owner resigned him. But it says the same thing with QB Herman Evelyn from the Jets, who don't even have an owner right now. Is this contract thing automatic or is it something I'm supposed to do, because I don't see any of my players up there. If somebody could help me, that would be great.

Re: help

By adelgado810
6/01/2015 9:42 am
I've noticed that most of those transactions are from overall resignings. Like a team resigns a player before their contract runs out or if its too much on the cap.

Re: help

By catalist
6/01/2015 10:02 am
a team run by the Sim will be pretty aggresive in resigning its own players and chasing after free agents from what I have read on the message boards.

I have been resigning players that I can afford on my roster and extending them as several are worth keeping past their initial contract.

You should be able to click on any of your players and click on contract and have the option to resign them during the preseason period.

Re: help

By Pedro11
6/01/2015 1:38 pm
Make sure to resign players that you have and want to keep. that have only one year remaining on their contract. Failure to do this before the end of the regular season will result in them becoming free agents.

What your looking at are things that happened in the past.